We understand that supporting others often means long hours, thankless tasks, and personal sacrifice.

It's a job that extends far beyond what's in the job description, touching on both physical and mental resilience.

We're here to support you, so you can continue to do your vital work without compromising your health and happiness.


Supporting Supporters


Revolutionising Workplace Mental Health And Creating Confident And Compassionate Professionals.

Hi! Davinia & Alana Here.

We are both mothers, nature lovers, clinically trained and passionate about working with those who spend their lives in the support of others.

We believe that there isn't enough real support dealing with mental health issues for people working with clients in non-medical industries, areas like coaching, teaching, insurance, NDIS and allied health.

In a world where quick-fix wellness programs often fall short, we've witnessed the struggle firsthand. It's disheartening to see the mental health crisis treated as an opportunity for funding rather than a serious issue to address.

At Avinue, we are supporters first.

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People who are in support roles generally start with a big purpose to help others and be of service. They know that doing their job means weird tasks, long hours, and physical and mental exhaustion, but there is also the endless juggling of situations that

are out of scope and things that were never spoken about when the journey started that many are not prepared for.

For many of our clients, there comes a point where it has taken a toll on their bodies, well-being and capacity to disconnect from work to be more present in their personal lives.

We see you—the devoted nurses, the compassionate coaches, the caring exercise physiologists, the nurturing teachers, and the supportive insurance consultants.

You're the heart of your organisation, consistently going above and beyond to ensure that everyone around you is well cared for.

We're here to make sure that YOU receive the resources, care and support you deserve.  For the organisations that employ these incredible individuals, it’s essential to recognise the crucial role they play not just in your operations, but in the broader community.

At Avinue, we create an environment where empathy and care are as valued as professional skills. Let us help you transform your workplace into a sanctuary of support, where every caregiver’s well-being is protected and recognised. 

Together, we’ll build a community where no supporter has to care alone.

The Purpose Of Boundaries

Are you looking for ways to create better boundaries at home and at work? 

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Here Are 3 Ways To Work With Us

Online Coaching Programs;  Supporters Guide Products

Our Online Coaching Programs are designed to empower supporters by providing them with the tools and insights needed to transform their approach to care. These programs are your first step toward becoming a more resilient, effective caregiver.

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Bespoke Training & Workshops

We offer bespoke training and workshops tailored to your organisation's needs, focusing on mental health education and wellbeing. Contact us for a personalised discussion and quote to enhance your team's skills and understanding of these vital areas.

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Individual Coaching

Available exclusively for those who have completed our online coaching programs. Our individual coaching sessions are designed to deepen your understanding and application of key concepts, ensuring you continue to grow and thrive as a supporter.

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In The Words Of Brene Brown..

“Strong Back Soft Front”


We believe that leading with kindness builds trust, removes ego and allows for better outcomes with clients.

We have evolved from our roles as psychologists and now work as coaches in the occupational and rehabilitation world. Our past clients would tell you that the magic in working with us is in their renewed awareness that they are the conduit of change for themselves and their clients.

The old metaphor of you can’t pour from an empty cup is true for most supporters and now they have is true for most supporters and now they have more resilience, better boundaries and better relationships with their clients.

Are you a business owner who feels that your team could use more development and care in working with their clients but is not sure what that looks like?

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It’s easy and there are no strings attached, we love working with businesses that offer support services, and build workplaces that focus on the potential and development of their core personnel.

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Do you feel that  your team could use more support and care in working with clients but are not sure what level of service you need?

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It’s easy and there are no strings attached, we love working with whole teams to develop a culture of workplace support that fosters human potential and development.

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