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Our mission is to enhance the lives of those who dedicate their time to supporting others. Discover how we uplift the ecosystem of professionals in non-traditional care roles with our Supporters Guides. 
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The Unspoken Challenges

At Avinue, we understand that those in support roles start their careers driven by a desire to help others and make a difference. Support professionals often face an array of challenges – from navigating unpredictable tasks and enduring long hours to managing physical and mental exhaustion.

Beyond these challenges, are the unspoken elements of their roles; like the endless juggling of unexpected situations and the difficulty of disconnecting from work to enjoy personal and family time. 

We acknowledge that this journey, while rewarding, can impact your well-being and personal life. That's why we’ve created a space that actively provides solutions and support. 


The Supporters Guides

In the world of support and care, the right tools and knowledge can make all the difference. That's why we've created the Supporters' Guides – your companion on the path to becoming a more effective, resilient, and empowered supporter

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The Supporters Collection

For All Levels Of Care For Professional Supporters. 

Level 1

The Supporters Guide To Transformative Care

This program delves into the neuroscience behind mental ill-health and the dynamics of working in this challenging field. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of how their work impacts those they care for and learn strategies to enhance their caregiving practices.

Level Two

The Supporters Guide To Wellbeing

Focused on the supporter's personal growth, this guide emphasizes work-life balance, establishing healthy boundaries, and using specific tools to manage the demands of their roles. It’s designed to help you maintain your well-being while performing at your best.

Level 1 & 2

The Complete Supporters Guide

Combining the insights and strategies from both programs, this comprehensive guide offers a holistic view of the supporter’s journey. It equips participants with essential knowledge from both the transformative care and wellbeing perspectives, ensuring they are fully prepared to support others and themselves.

A Little About Us


We met working in the same circles, and we knew that we wanted to work together.  

Our conversations would often lead us to the same thing; this is crazy, the mental health of our nation is not improving, and some of the systems in place seem so inhumane. 

We have seen systems fail people rather than supporting and helping them, and we have seen those people give up because the barrier to getting help is just too hard. We knew that they were the people we wanted to help. 

So Avinue was born.

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What's Included In The Supporters Guides


Comprehensive Learning Resources

You will have access to an extensive collection of learning materials, including video training and resource sheets. Whether you attend our live calls or just need a resource centre to assist with a question or an issue that has arisen, the resource centre covers (almost) everything that you need to make an informed decision, anytime you need it.


Structured Group Coaching Sessions

Our personalised group coaching sessions are delivered fortnightly, designed to address your most important questions and provide professional support when you need it most. These sessions are interactive and tailored to your needs, providing advice to help you in your everyday work life. 


Interactive and Like-Minded Community

Join a close-knit group of professional supporters in a supportive community. This intimate setting is perfect for fostering deep connections with peers who share your commitment to helping others. Engage, learn, and grow together in an environment that values every participant's voice and experiences.

Trying to Decide?

This IS for you if...

  • You in a role that assists individuals with mental ill-health

  • You want to be skilled and driven to make a substantial difference in the recovery and mental well-being of those you support

  • You are ready to make the changes to become a burnout-resilient, empowered supporter.

This is NOT for you if...

  • You are unwilling to explore new strategies or change established habits

  • You prefer working in isolation rather than being part of a supportive and collaborative community.

  • You are not ready to prioritise your own well-being alongside the care you provide to others

Need a Reason Get More Support?

Here are 3 Great Reasons

Reason One

You were told you’d receive training in supporting those you work with, but are now faced with a different reality where you feel like you are floundering. We can help develop your mental health literacy and skills to meaningfully connect with others with kindness.

Reason Two

You feel like your role in helping others is taking a toll on your own physical and emotional health. We can help with managing boundaries and overidentification so that you can flourish again.

Reason Three

Did you go into your supporting role full of passion and purpose and now you feel disillusioned and unsure why you are there? We can help with compassion fatigue and finding purpose again in your role and for your patients and clients. 

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Empower Yourself 

Get The Supporters Guide That Best Suits You

In the world of support and care, the right tools and knowledge can make all the difference. That's why we've created the Supporters' Guides – your companion on the path to becoming a more effective, resilient, and empowered supporter. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

“The program has not only improved the mental health knowledge of our clinicians within their service delivery, it has allowed them to look after themselves at the same time”


It has provided greater insight to all staff as to how to best manage the risk of burnout and compassion fatigue, and enabled them to have self-care plans to address their individual needs.”

Hailey Buchorn, Guardian Exercise Rehabilitation

I've worked in insurance for 20 years and this is the most valuable training I've ever had - I wish I'd had it years ago!


Alanda and Davinia give real examples of the symptoms of mental health conditions, and how it affect the brain, giving insight into why people may react in certain ways. They also explained how treatment works and psychologists focus on helping people get better. Alana and Davinia gave me a deeper understanding of what people are going through and a practical, easy way to improve the way we communicate. This training is a must for anyone who works in claims.

Lia Checketts, SCOR GLOBAL LIFE Australia

“It was a great day that I wish I had completed 10 years ago...”

“Both presenters were highly skilled and able to understand what was going to be most relevant to healthcare workers. The entire team spoke of the benefits of self-care and how we can all support each other to achieve this every day. It was a very productive day and it was great to learn about emerging areas of practice..”

Melissa Davies, Social Worker/ Team Leader, John Hunter Childrens Hospital